• What is MyHomeWorks™ and does it cost anything to use this site? MyHomeWorks™ is a third party provider offering services to boost efficiency, save money and feel good about reducing your home`s impact on the environment. Your carrier has contracted with MyHomeWorks™ to make this program available to you. The services on this site are free as part of your homeowners' insurance program. 
  • Who can view my information? Your insurance company and/or its third party vendor may have access to the information you add as a result of using these services. 
  • Is my information secure? Your insurance company and/or its third party vendor partners go to great lengths to protect all data from the point it is entered into a system by an end user, to the time that data is in transmission, to the point at which the data is resident on a computer or in storage. 
  • What happens to my information if I switch insurance companies? The MyHomeWorks™ program is tied to your insurance carrier. If you renew your homeowners policy with a carrier who has the MyHomeWorks™ program, contact us and we will help you gain access to services and/or transition your information appropriately. You will have an option of continuing use of the inventory tool for a monthly fee. 
  • Why do I need to create a profile including information about my roof and home systems to use these tools? This program is available because you have an insurance policy with your carrier. We will be able to provide more customized services based on the information you provide about your home. 

    • How is my home's Energy Score and savings calculated? We use your answers in combination with local weather data and information about your local building stock to predict your energy consumption and identify the types of measures that will provide the most cost effective energy savings given your home's profile. 
    • How accurate Is the Energy Score? We calculate your home's Energy Score using industry leading building science algorithms. While an online energy assessment is not a replacement for an in-home assessment, our energy assessments' predictions have been independently verified to produce results consistent with in-home assessments. 
    • What if I don't know an answer to the question? Choose either Not Sure or the option that you think is closest. Each question takes into account many different factors and are weighed together to provide your Energy Score. For questions with Not Sure answers, we use other information such as the age of your home to make assumptions based on common building codes and other building information. 
    • I'm going back into My Energy Score. Will I need to reenter my information? Typically, your computer will remember that you already filled out the assessment and take you back to your results page. You can also use the link provided in the email you received if you selected the Save My Report option when you initially completed the assessment. 
    • What if I don't get my report? If you don't get your report after saving it using the popup at the end, use the Save My Report link on the results page and re-enter your email address and we'll resend it to you. Also, check your Junk Mail folder as it may have ended up in there depending on your filter's sensitivity.  
      • Why do I need a Home Inventory? A photographic archive of your property allows you to know the value and contents of your property for purposes of documenting, managing, and recovering in the event of a loss, facilitating a swift and adequate insurance settlement. 
      • How do I get started? Start by entering your property first, then you can create rooms and assets from there. It's up to you as to the level of detail you want to inventory. 
      • Is there a mobile app for Inventory My Stuff? Yes! Check the App and Google Play stores and download the MyHomeWorks™ Inventory app.  Your MyHomeWorks user id will work on the app.
      • What items should I catalog? It is recommended at a minimum that you catalog the more expensive items such as electronics, furniture, collectibles and jewelry. How much you want to catalog is a personal preference. Some people choose to catalog everything they own worth more than $50, others might catalog everything they own worth more than $1,000. 
      • When should I update my inventory? You should update your inventory when you make a major purchase or dispose of a major asset. Many people do it quarterly with the change of the seasons. 
      • What personal information does Inventory My Stuff need? The information you provide when you register for the MyHomeWorks™ site is all that is needed for the Inventory My Stuff system. Information is encrypted in our database. It is up to you as to how much information you want to put into the system about you personally or your possessions. Some people upload passports and other items as a back-up when traveling. Other people enter specific medical information. Some people may choose not to enter any personal information at all. 
      • What does MyHomeWorks™ Inventory My Stuff offer that I don't already get from my insurance agent? With MyHomeWorks™ Inventory My Stuff, you have evidence of all your belongings and an estimate of their value. This documentation allows you to purchase both an appropriate level of insurance (based upon your complete asset value) and fill out your insurance claim forms quickly and accurately in the event of loss. In addition, the archive will remind you and prove to your insurance company the extent of your loss. Many insurance companies require such documentation in order to repay lost property. Without a comprehensive archive, it is unlikely you will receive an adequate insurance settlement.


      • Who repairs my power when it goes out? Your local utility company will continue to respond to power failures and maintenance issues. 
      • Who will my bill come from? You will continue to receive your electric bill from your utility company. The competitive rate will replace the default supply charges. 
      • What happens when my contract term with the selected supplier expires? We will send you an email a month before your contract expires to remind you that your term will be ending soon. The email will also contain the lowest rates available at that time. If you forget to sign a new contract, you will simply be charged a month-to-month variable rate until you choose a new contract. Your power will not go out if you forget to sign a new agreement. 
      • How long will it take to switch my electric supplier? Once you select a plan, the switch will occur at your next meter read date. You will get at least one more bill with your current rate plan before you start to see the new rate plan kick in. 
      • Are there any additional charges? Switch Fees? No. There are no additional fees on top of the rates listed. 
      • How do I know whether or not the energy supplier that I select is a reliable supplier? All energy suppliers listed on the site are licensed by the Public Utility Commission and are subject to rigorous examination.
      • What is My Tech Support? My Tech Support can be viewed as your personal technical help desk providing support for a wide range of devices such as PCs, laptops, printers, home networks, and more. Some of what we offer is free of charge, but some services do come with a price, especially if we need to assist with in-depth technical issues such as virus or malware removal. 
      • What type of technology is supported? My Tech Support provides help for a wide-range of technology issues, from internet connectivity problems, to virus removal, even setting up a new smart phone and synching devices. “How-to” assistance is also available for tasks such as installing software to keeping your systems safe, or transferring files from your digital camera to your computer. Visit our support page for more details. 
      • What are the support hours for My Tech Support? Technical assistance is a phone call away between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If help should be required after hours, you can leave us an email at techqsupport@myhomeworks.com and we will get to your issue as early as we can the following day. 
      • Why is the My Tech Support line different than the MyHomeWorks™ support line? The My Tech Support line provides you direct access to our technical experts for your personal technical questions and issues, bypassing the telephone queue for general site questions. We want to make sure you get immediate help for what we know can be frustrating problems. Additionally, the My Tech Support line is staffed 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST every day.

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