What's Covered

Environmental efficiency upgrades

If your home is like most, the energy you use to power it is one of your biggest household expenses. So, when a home system or appliance breaks down, you may want to replace it with a something more efficient. Home Systems Protection can pay up to 150% of the payable loss for your failed equipment or system if you upgrade to one that is more energy or water efficient, environmentally friendly or safer for people.

Expediting expense

Some repairs are more urgent than others and speed is critical. With expediting coverage, you can be covered for temporary repairs and the costs you incur for expediting permanent repairs or replacement.

Green coverage

Above and beyond environmental efficiency upgrades, green coverage can pay you an additional amount to use equipment, materials and services that are recommended by a recognized environmental standards program such as ENERGY STAR® or by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. The cost for recycling damaged property may be covered, too. Check your policy to see if green coverage is included.

Loss of use

There are some breakdowns that make a home uninhabitable. There’s no choice but to leave your home and find another place to live while repairs are being made. If the breakdown that causes this problem is covered, Home Systems Protection can pay fair rental value or additional living expenses you incur as a result. An accident and added inconvenience of vacating your home is very stressful. Having this additional expense covered can be a big relief.

Physical damage

If any of your covered equipment is physically damaged due to a sudden, accidental breakdown - mechanical or electrical - insurance can pay for the cost to repair or replace it. Payment can include labor and parts or the new replacement. It can cost thousands to repair or replace essential home equipment such as a furnace, appliances and electronics such as refrigerators and entertainment systems and service lines buried under your property. Check your policy for deductibles and limits.


When your refrigerator or freezer breaks down, one of your losses is spoiled food, supplements or even medicine. This can add up to a lot of money. Without coverage, spoilage is just a loss. But Home Systems Protection can cover not only the repair or replacement of your covered refrigerator, freezer or other temperature-controlled storage unit, it can also pay for perishables lost due to the equipment failure.

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