What's Covered

Clothes dryer

For electric and gas units, overheating most often causes failure. Lint clogging the heat discharge duct or exhaust vent leads to overheating. Kinks in ducts prevent heat from exhausting freely. In gas units, temperature sensors can fail. Heat and lint are hard on dryer motors and if motor bearings fail or wires break, the dryer won’t function. Electronic controls in newer dryers can short out. Dryer replacement ranges from $350-$1,300. Check and clear ducts and vents regularly.

Clothes washing machine

With so many moving parts, a lot can go wrong with a washing machine. But mostly, when the machine isn’t functioning properly, the problem is in the motor or parts connected to it – a broken coupler, faulty clutch or malfunctioning drive motor - and replacement may be the only solution. Electrical problems also cause breakdowns. To reduce stress that wears out your washing machine prematurely, don’t overload it. Washing machine replacement costs average more than $500.

Computers, laptops, tablets

At any size, computers are vulnerable to viruses, surges and power disturbances that disrupt software and cause the hardware to fail and possibly lose data. Too much heat can warp the motherboard. It can cost more to replace a failed motherboard than to buy a new device. Three-year failure rates for laptops, depending on brand and model, run as high 25% with none doing better than 15%. Reduce risk - use surge protectors and updated virus protection.


Most leakage in older units occurs when the bottom seal deteriorates and repair costs can be close to replacing the entire unit. In newer models, electronic controls can fail and must be replaced as a unit. Other parts that break down include automatic water valves and the motor. Prevent water back up by keeping the water discharge filter clean and make sure that cutlery protruding from its basket doesn’t damage the heating element.

Electric Range

Heat, grease and electricity in some combination are usually at fault for breakdown. The circuit board in the control panel can warp or crack. Heating elements won’t work when wiring connections inside the range or oven break down. And if impact to a glass top breaks a connection, the whole unit may be replaced because repair costs are so high. Heating elements can break down in stages. If one seems less warm than its setting, replace it. Don’t hang utensils above a glass cooktop.

Gas range

Valves that control the flow of gas are the most common parts to fail in gas ranges and cut off the fuel supply. Also, the burner housing can be damaged if a heavy object falls on it and cause a gas leak, which can be dangerous. Spills are inevitable so it’s important to clean the burner nozzle regularly. Cover liquids in the oven to prevent fires and damage to components. Noise in the oven could be a faulty fan bearing - have it checked.


Compressors fail most frequently, often due to dirty heat exchange coils. Thermostats, fans and icemakers also are prone to breakdown. Coverage includes spoiled food costs along with repairs and replacement. Prevent failures by cleaning heat exchange coils under or behind the refrigerator. Keep the freezer at least 50% full to minimize starts and stops and preserve the motor. Cover leftovers to keep moisture contained and reduce refrigerator run times.

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