What's Covered

Air conditioning

Turn on your air conditioner and you should feel cool air within five minutes. If not, it may be just a dusty filter. Or maybe the refrigerant is too low or lost its charge. Or the compressor, condenser or air circulation fan failed when a wire broke or shorted. The problem may be a bad bearing or piston or failed valve. Often, failures result from past repairs handled incorrectly. Compressor replacement costs average $2,500. Sometimes repairs are possible and cost-effective, but often are costly.


Failure occurs most often when the boiler overheats, resulting in cracks in sections or at weld points which lead to leaks. The most common cause of overheating is low water levels, often preventable with regular checkups. Heat exchangers also can crack when the furnace continually heats and cools putting stress on the metal. Replacing a heat exchanger can be as costly as full boiler replacement. Covered costs average $3,500-$6,000 and can reach $10,000.

Electrical panel

Power interruptions, such as spikes, surges and dips, can damage your electrical system and sometimes even surge protectors can’t prevent the impact. Arcing and shorting in the main panel can cause damage to wiring throughout the house and even to devices connected to the system. Moisture and dust, exposed wires, bad connections and human error all can lead to accidental damage to your electrical system. Repairs can be very costly, but can be covered by Home Systems Protection.

Emergency generators

Portable and stationary units can be damaged by poor fuel quality, low coolant or oil levels, bad electrical connections and overloading. Small animals can get into stationary units, nesting and damaging wiring and critical components. Rain, dirt or brush that gets into the enclosure can cause mechanical and electrical problems. Use high quality fuel and run your generator periodically, but check fluid levels and electrical connections before starting up.

Fire and security alarm systems

Electrical damage to the control board or motherboard is the most common cause of system failure. Electrical damage can be caused by power surges, internal shorts or frayed wires. A damaged control board or motherboard must be replaced. Wiring also may need to be replaced. Replacing a control board ranges from under $100 to more than $1,000 for sophisticated systems.

Furnace - Electric

Unlike gas and oil furnaces, electric furnaces have relatively few parts. But, they draw a lot of electricity which can lead to overheated or burned wires that can sever connections or trip circuit breakers or fuses and cause a furnace failure. The blower that distributes air and the control system also can fail. Professional repair is usually necessary and Home Systems Protection can cover labor as well as parts. The average tab to replace an electric furnace is $2,000-2,500.

Furnace - Oil and Gas

There are many parts that can fail and be repaired or replaced, such as the burner or blower motor in a gas furnace or components in its control system. In oil furnaces, oil sediment can plug filters and nozzles causing poor combustion or boiler shutdown. A failed blower motor needs to be replaced. When the combustion chamber fails in a hot air furnace or water leaks in a boiler system, the furnace is replaced. Cost range is $2,000-$8,000 for oil, $2,500-$14,000 for gas.

Heat Pumps

Most often, it’s the compressor that fails because the motor or fan motor shorts out or seizes. Typically the compressor or fan motor must be replaced. Coil cracks in the air handler may be reparable if the unit isn’t old and parts are available. Low refrigerant can cause failure and often is due to leaks in piping. Compressor replacement can run as much as $2,000 for the unit, labor and coolant. Full heat pump replacement may be as high as $4,000.

Pool heating, pump and filtration equipment

Poor maintenance – a dirty main filter and clogged intake basket – create pressure changes that can damage pool equipment. High pressure over-stresses the pump and can cause motor burnout. Low pressure reduces water levels, allowing the pump to draw air, lose its prime and result in motor damage. Even the heater can be damaged when pressure isn’t right. Other covered failures include wire and control panel shorts that can be caused by power fluctuation.

Radiant and geothermal heating systems

These systems break down most often when a blower or compressor motor shorts to ground or insufficient refrigerant causes the compressor to burn out. In these cases, the compressor is replaced. Surges can damage the thermostat or control panel, requiring replacement of these components. Coverage takes the sting out of staggering compressor replacement costs, but regular maintenance reduces breakdown risks significantly.

Water Heater - Electric

Heating element burnout is common because these elements protrude into the water where impurities can cause scale buildup or corrosion. Symptoms are water than gets warm, but not hot, or hot water that goes cold quickly. If the problem isn’t the heating elements, the thermostat may need to be reset or replaced. The average cost to replace heating elements about $500, to replace the entire water heater $1,000-$2,500.

Water Heater - Gas

When your pilot light goes out and won’t relight or the electric igniter won’t fire, you need a repair service to fix it. Another common cause of breakdown, preventable with regular maintenance, is sediment buildup in the bottom of the water heater which causes corrosion and can even cause the bottom of the tank to overheat and melt the protective glass lining. Traditional gas water heater replacement averages $1,000-2,000. Add thousands to replace a tankless water heater.

Well pump

Sediment and low water can lead to well pump failures. If enough sediment gets into the pump assembly, bearings or other parts can fail and damage the motor. A bad low-water valve, pump pressure switch or pressure-check valve also are common causes of failure. A power outage or surge can cause wires or the motor to short, requiring motor replacement. Most homeowners spend $750 to $2,000 to repair a well pump and $750-$2,500 for replacement, making coverage well worth it.

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