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Computers, mobile devices, smart TVs and other connected technology are essential to our personal lives. They can entertain, delight, and connect people and things in new and different ways. But the reliance on our technology and the availability of our information electronically can also create new risks. Our digital information as well as our computer systems can be damaged, exploited or destroyed by a virus or hacker.  As the number of devices we use and services we depend on increase daily, we become even more exposed to cyber attacks and criminals looking for ways to expose and defraud us. Even with antivirus software installed on computers, homeowners are still vulnerable to computer attack and new viruses continue to emerge that can circumvent known defenses.

Think about it, hardly a day passes without news of a major cybercrime.  Did you know your typical homeowner policy doesn't cover losses caused by these kind of threats?  Well, you can get coverage through Home Cyber Protection.  With it, you'll be covered for attacks to computers and connected home devices, as well as other online attempts to defraud or extort individuals. 

This important and valuable coverage may be available to you as part of your homeowners policy.  If you're not sure if you're covered, call your agent or chat with us to find out.

What’s Covered?

Computer Attack 

Every day you rely on your computer, laptop or tablet to keep you informed of the news and connected with friends and family. Computer Attack coverage protects against the unauthorized access or use of your computing devices as well as a damage to your devices, system or data caused by viruses worms and spyware, also referred to as a Malware attack. Learn more 

Home Systems Attack
We are more connected and reliant on the internet than ever before. Our smart phones, entertainment systems, and even thermostats and appliances are operable through the internet. Accessing these systems online makes life more convenient, but also leaves us susceptible to criminals looking to access our systems and information. Home Systems Attack coverage also protects against the unauthorized access or use of your home systems and damage to your devices caused by a Malware attack. Learn more

Cyber Extortion
Surfing the web can be a leisurely pastime. That is until one wrong click allows a hacker to lock your system and threaten to delete your hard drive unless you pay a sum of money. Cyber Extortion Coverage will pay for professional assistance from a subject matter expert on how best to respond to the threat and reimbursement of your costs related to the extortion. Learn more

Online Fraud
A knock on the door used to be the preferred means by which a fraudster gained access to a potential victim. Computer systems and connected devices have given cyber criminals a new means to entrap people in schemes designed to separate them from their money. A criminal deception perpetrated in some part through the internet has become all too common. Online Fraud coverage protects against an identity theft, the unauthorized use of a bank or credit card, an other scenarios in which people fall victim to from an online fraud. Learn more 

Data Breach
If you have ever helped a family member prepare taxes, volunteered to coordinate a fundraiser for a local organization or kept sensitive information of others on your computer, you likely have “personally identifiable information” which if lost, would require you to comply with state notification laws related to data breach. Data Breach provides coverage to determine if there was a breach and the resources necessary to respond to the breach and provide services to affected individuals. Learn more 


The internet is an escape for many but for victims of online bullying, there is no safe space. The fear and intimidation individuals face is often exacerbated as online attacks can come from more than just one source. Given the reach of social media, individuals often face more than just one bully, compounding the level of distress. Children and teenagers may be particularly vulnerable considering their smartphones and electronic devices have become a key means of communication. Cyberbullying coverage pays for the costs an individual may incur being the victim of a cyberbullying attack. Learn more 

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Brooklyn, NY

With all the cyber threats in the news, this coverage is essential.

A virus corrupted my system making my files, including all of my pictures, inaccessible. This coverage paid for the restoration of my data and also removed all of the viruses from my system.

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