Say Watt?

Want to save money on your energy costs?

Doesn't everyone?  When you look around the house, what's one of your biggest expenses?  Many homeowners would say energy costs, which can run into the thousands of dollars each year!  Fortunately, there are smart devices available that can help.    

Remember that quote by Sir William Thompson, "If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it"?  With electricity monitoring, it has been proven that the more granular measurements are, the easier it is for consumers to make energy-management decisions which turns out to be the least expensive way of reducing energy usage and lowering your bills. Simply knowing detailed information about your electricity usage can lead to behavior changes which can save three to twelve percent off your bill.   Think about it, if you could identify the "energy vampires" in your home, would you change how you use those devices?  

Electricity Monitoring Systems

There are different types of electricity monitoring systems available today. Two of these types involve installing equipment inside the electrical panel in your home and connecting a device to your home’s router to facilitate internet access. 

  • Method A - involves installing components known as Current Transducers (CTs) around the main electrical lines coming into the house. This will measure total electricity being consumed by ALL circuits in the home.
  • Method B - involves the same thing as Method A but adds additional CTs around circuits of interest. This allows you to also monitor additional electricity usage for things like:
    • electric hot water heaters
    • electric baseboard radiators
    • freezers/refrigerators

Costs of the systems vary, but can typically run from $400 to over $1,000.  And, they usually require a licensed electrician to install the devices into the electrical panel.

Once the devices are installed, real-time and historical data can be viewed online or through a mobile app.  Information like energy trends and estimates for your next utility bill can also be provided.  

Having this information readily available can allow you to make informed choices about electricity usage, which will translate into real cost savings!  

Would you change behavior if you could save $?

With information in your hands, now you can see how those "normal" things you do in  the house translate to electricity usage.  The systems referred to above could tell you how much energy you use for the:

  • porch light you left on in the evenings when you're home
  • refrigerator door you leave open while getting all the ingredients for dinner
  • dehumidifier that's "stuck" on in the basement
  • lights the kids left on when they went to school
  • long, hot showers your teenagers take

If you knew how much these things cost, would you change your behavior?

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