Connected Home 101

Consider this.....

The temperature outside is -4 degrees and you’re heading home from work. You turned the thermostat down to 56 degrees when you left in the morning, but when you get home it's toasty and warm, the blinds are turned down, the lights are on, and your favorite music is playing. All of this was managed from your smart phone, which remotely controls devices connected to home systems, appliances and more.

The connected home can align everything from computers, TVs and Wi-Fi networks, appliances, HVAC systems, door locks, thermostats, garage doors, motion sensors,cameras, water leak sensors, light bulbs and switches, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, plugs, outlets, power strips, and music systems.

Wondering if you forgot to turn the stove off? Remotely connect to your house to find out. And, even better, if you did leave it on, turn it off from afar!  Away on vacation and forgot to water the plants?  Your smart plant watering device will go to work for you while you're away.

Thinking about making your home smart?

The most common motivations behind making a home "connected" or "smart" are comfort, convenience, control, cost savings, and security.  Once you decide on which goal matters the most to you, the options are endless.

Home automation solutions largely depend on time, money and technical capability.  Since home automation can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, you may want to start small with some simple do-it-yourself devices.  Another possibility is to invest in a professional automation program, which will cost more to install and maintain.  Either option can deliver effective results.  

Are you building a new or retrofitting an existing home?  It's important to have a home automation plan in mind that will take you years into the future. Our wiring tips can help. 

Do you have kids who are at home during the day when you're not? Motion sensors and cameras can help you monitor them and provide you peace of mind.

Worried about an elderly parent who lives alone? In addition to wearable devices, there are some easy-to-install all-in-one devices that can help you communicate, control and care for them from afar.

Our best advice is to define your budget, clearly outline your needs, do your research, and decide if you want to execute your home automation plan or if you would rather hire a professional. There are a lot of options on the market today, so if you can't find a device to suit your needs now, stay tuned. New devices enter the market daily!

Lastly, some of the systems that these devices will be controlling (heating, cooling, security systems, etc.) may not be covered by a typical homeowners policy.  Click below to see if you have proper coverage or find coverage through one of our partner companies. 

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