What Can Go Wrong


When a homeowner’s HVAC unit was not cooling properly, the repair company found the compressor motor for the HVAC unit had seized and the compressor had to be replaced. The replacement compressor’s covered cost:  $900.   


A repair company discovered that a cracked heat exchanger was causing soot to escape from a home’s furnace and vents. The furnace was old and no replacement for the heat exchanger was available, so the furnace was replaced. The covered cost to replace the furnace:  $3,513. 


An old boiler in the basement was leaking from the bottom. Low water had caused overheating and several sections had cracked. Since no replacement sections could be located, the whole boiler had to be replaced. The covered cost of replacement:  $3,019,  

Pool Filter System 

A homeowner noticed his pool’s filter had stopped running. The repair company confirmed the filter pump motor had shorted out internally and the motor had to be replaced. Covered cost to replace the motor:  $801.  

Water Heater 

A homeowner found the water heater in the basement leaking profusely. Repairmen confirmed the bottom of the oil-fired water heater had ruptured and the whole unit had to be replaced. Covered cost to replace the water heater:  $3,200.  

Water Softener 

A home’s hard, discolored water was caused by an internal short in the water softener system’s control board. The unit was stuck in the regeneration cycle, allowing iron and sulfur to contaminate the water supply. Covered cost of service and system replacement:  $3,832.  

Refrigeration Unit  

After a storm, an owner’s refrigerator was not running and contents had spoiled. The repair company found the fan motor, inverter board and control board had burned out and had to be replaced. Repairs cost $1,923 and spoilage totaled $170. Covered costs:  $2,093. 

Gas Stove  

An appliance repairman called in when a homeowner’s gas stove wouldn’t light discovered the igniter had physically broken. Since the stove was 15 years old, no replacement part was available. The gas stove was replaced with a new one. Covered cost:  $720. 

Wall Oven   

A wall oven would not turn on. After troubleshooting, the repair company determined the circuit board which controlled the operation of the oven had shorted internally and the electronics could not be repaired. The circuit board was replaced.  Covered costs:  $972.  


An owner came home to find water soaking his flooring and cabinets.  Investigation revealed the dishwasher's inlet valve had broken and water had continued to run, damaging the kitchen’s hardwood floor. The homeowners policy covered floor replacement and Home Systems Protection covered the broken dishwasher.  Covered cost: $900.  

Electrical Damage 

A homeowner's alarm system, telephones, laptop, aquarium pumps, digital sound processor and network switch did not work due to a surge when power was restored after an outage.  Inspection showed all equipment had been electrically damaged and had to be replaced.  Covered costs: $3,008  

Central Vacuum System  

A repair company called in when a central vacuum system would not work confirmed there had been extensive electrical damage to the wiring and motor, but they could not locate replacement parts for the system.  A new system was installed. Covered cost:  $1,170.  

Pellet Stove  

When no one was home, a short in a blower motor caused a pellet stove to smoke and smoldering pellets reached temperatures high enough to warp the hopper chamber. Smoke damage was covered by the homeowners policy.  Home Systems Protection covered the stove replacement. Covered cost:  $3,020.  

Sewer Line  

Repairmen called about basement water found a backed-up sewer line and excavated the front yard. Tree roots invading the terra cotta sewer piping in several places caused the line to collapse, requiring sewer line replacement and landscape repair. Covered costs: $8,049.

Septic Line 

Excess water and foul odor near septic tank triggered a repair call. A camera snaked from house to septic tank revealed tree roots had caused the line to crack and collapse. To replace the line, trees and shrubs had to be removed and replaced. Cost of $10,161 paid to $10,000 limit.

Drain Line 

Inspecting water in a basement, a repairman confirmed the drain line leading from the basement through the yard had cracked and collapsed due to tree roots. A total of 140 feet of piping had to be replaced in the yard. Covered cost: $4,000.

Electrical Service Line 

After a home’s lights suddenly brightened, light bulbs broke and TVs were damaged, the utility found the neutral line buried in the yard was severed, causing a power surge in the house. A temporary line was installed until repairs were completed. Covered cost: $8,098.

Environmental Efficiency Upgrades  

When an old water softener seized and replacement parts were no longer available, instead of replacing it with a similar unit priced at $750, the homeowner opted for a more energy-efficient model and received $1,125 (150% of $750) for the upgrade, plus the cost of labor.

Additional Living Expenses 

When a strange odor in the house made two family members sick, their doctor diagnosed Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Repairmen found a cracked heat exchanger and the old furnace had to be replaced while family members stayed in a hotel. Covered furnace and hotel costs: $4,573.


Home from vacation, the owner discovered the refrigerator wasn’t running and all the food had spoiled. A repair technician confirmed the circuit board had an internal short and replaced it. Covered costs for repairs and spoiled food: $1,600.

After a power outage, a homeowner reported her refrigerator had stopped working and food had spoiled. The repair company found the fan motor and control board had shorted out and replaced them. Covered costs for repairs and spoiled food: $2,093.

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