EQuips are quick tips to help you save money. Take a few seconds to learn about what can go wrong with home systems, equipment and electronics, what you can do to prevent common breakdowns and why coverage is so essential to managing the cost of operating your home. Read them all!
Manufacturers’ warranties are limited to product defects while extended warranties are expensive, void if recommended maintenance is not followed, and may not include all labor costs – often the most expensive portion of the repair. But for a fraction of the cost of a single-product extended warranty, we cover all parts and labor for most systems, appliances and electronics in your home. Don’t be fooled by warranties, contact us.
When a water heater fails and must be replaced, installation costs can easily reach $2,000, making breakdown coverage a real value. Wake up to hot showers – keep your water heater free of rust and schedule regular maintenance to prevent ruptures, mechanical failures and shorts from bad connections.

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