• What is MyHomeWorks™ and does it cost anything to use this site? MyHomeWorks™ is a third party provider offering services to boost efficiency, save money and feel good about reducing your home`s impact on the environment. Your carrier has contracted with MyHomeWorks™ to make this program available to you. The services on this site are free as part of your homeowners' insurance program. 
  • What happens to my access if I switch insurance companies? The MyHomeWorks™ program is offered to you through your insurance carrier. If you renew your homeowners policy with a different carrier who also offers MyHomeWorks™, you may see different company branding and/or services offered through the site.  
    • What is My Tech Support? My Tech Support can be viewed as your personal technical help desk providing support for a wide range of devices such as PCs, laptops, printers, home networks, and more. Some of what we offer is free of charge, but some services do come with a price, especially if we need to assist with in-depth technical issues such as virus or malware removal. 
    • What type of technology is supported? My Tech Support provides help for a wide-range of technology issues, from internet connectivity problems, to virus removal, even setting up a new smart phone and synching devices. “How-to” assistance is also available for tasks such as installing software to keeping your systems safe, or transferring files from your digital camera to your computer. Visit our support page for more details. 
    • What are the support hours for My Tech Support? Technical assistance is a phone call away between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If help should be required after hours, you can leave us an email at techqsupport@myhomeworks.com and we will get to your issue as early as we can the following day. 
    • Why is the My Tech Support line different than the MyHomeWorks™ support line? The My Tech Support line provides you direct access to our technical experts for your personal technical questions and issues, bypassing the telephone queue for general site questions. We want to make sure you get immediate help for what we know can be frustrating problems. Additionally, the My Tech Support line is staffed 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST every day.

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