Stand-Alone Freezer

How it Works

A stand-alone freezer is designed to maintain safe frozen food storage at 0°F. These freezers are often located in the kitchen, basement or garage. The two types of stand-alone freezers - upright and chest freezers - come with different benefits and drawbacks. The upright freezer is easy to organize and takes less floor space while the chest freezer is typically more energy efficient and can hold more food per cubic foot. Modern freezers are equipped with door alarms to alert you when the door is ajar.

What Can Go Wrong?

A sudden rise in temperature can occur, causing softening and thawing of any food you’re storing. This can be an indicator of a thermostat problem, compressor issue or fan failure. A professional repair technician may be needed to diagnose and fix these problems.

Environmental Impact

High efficiency, medium sized models use about 400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, producing about 610 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2)

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