How It Works

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, depending on location, use and style. Most models can be opened and many are offered in energy efficient models. Double pane windows and low energy transfer windows, for example, can significantly reduce a home’s energy bills.

What Can Go Wrong?

Moisture in and around the window frame can lead to mold. If moisture or mold becomes apparent, remove the window and repair any damage to protect the wall from further problems. Have the window replaced and resealed to make sure that it’s now watertight. This may require a qualified window repair professional.

Other common issues may involve water leakage through the window pane, broken window components and jammed sashes. Some of these issues will require a qualified professional to repair.

Environmental Impact

Modern energy efficient windows are built to retain heated and cooled air to save energy in your home. The benefits of energy efficient windows include energy and cost savings, improved comfort, reduced condensation, increased natural light and reduced fading on home surfaces. Using Energy Star qualified windows ensures that you’ll save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

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