Refrigerator - Freezers

How it Works

Combination refrigerator-freezers safely store food at 37°F in the fridge section and 5°F in the freezer section. Some units come with a built-in ice maker, instantly producing ice cubes from a water line.

What Can Go Wrong?

Both units can suffer from temperature drop, causing rapid discoloration and obvious smells from warming food products. This can be an indicator of a thermostat problem (failure or improper setting), compressor issue or fan failure.  

Failure of the ice maker is another common problem. Water may not be getting to the ice maker because of a kinked or frozen fill tube, a bad tap valve or a defective solenoid. A professional repair technician may be needed to diagnose and fix these problems. 

Environmental Impact

Newer refrigerator models are built for superior energy efficiency: They use about 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, producing about 760 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2)

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