Ceiling Fan

How It Works

Ceiling fans can make any room more comfortable without actually changing the temperature. Set your fan to rotate counterclockwise in the summer months to project cool air and create a “wind chill” effect. For the most efficient heating in the dead of winter, reverse your fan’s rotation to redistribute warm air throughout your home.

What Can Go Wrong?

Ceiling fan pull-cords are a common point of failure you might run into, but they can be repaired or replaced. Small fans are particularly susceptible to motor failure caused by low voltage, especially during peak air conditioning season. 

Physical damage to the blades or other key components may create unbalanced airflow. In these rare cases, it may cost more to repair your ceiling fan than to replace it. 

Environmental Impact

Modern Ceiling Fan sizes range from about 29 inches to 54 inches in residential units - 50 inchesis usually sufficient. Ceiling fans are low energy consumers, especially compared to air conditioners. Use your fan to supplement air conditioning for comfortable living at a reduced cost.

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